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Years of Experience in Architectural Modelling

Step by Step Project Proposal

After receiving the model request, we will get back to you in a short time.

After the scale, size, content, material, quality, delivery time, etc. of the model are clarified, we send you our offer by pricing.

After the determined scope and pricing, if the parties agree, the manufacturing process is started.

After the start of the project process, we start the manufacturing process of the model. We provide periodic information to the customer by sharing photos about the process during the manufacturing stages.

After the completion of the project, we take your final approval and deliver and install it at the location you specify.

We provide support in the steps you need after delivery.

Why Maketşehir?

Fast Model Production

We produce your model as soon as possible in our workshop that works 24/7 and deliver it to you by prioritizing delivery speed, no matter which country in the world.

Professional Packaging

We deliver the architectural model in the safest way with specially developed boxes.

High technology

We offer tablet-controlled regional lighting option with a special software. We make your model different with collapsible models and moving objects.


Since 2003, we have been designing Class A models that have made a worldwide impact.

Global Shipping

One of our priorities is to transport our products to every country in the world in the safest and fastest way. We provide service with our experienced team, who are experts in their fields and well-known in the industry.

Quality service

We have a team that can produce individual customer solutions and ensure that every work they do is of high quality. We offer all kinds of services needed not only during the project but also after the delivery.

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Architectural Model

Our services


Master plan mock-up types can assist you at every stage of the design process, from the concept of a project to its presentation to investors.


As professional architects and engineers know, creating a small scale model of the design is often the most critical aspect of success.


When marketing a house, you can use a house mock-up to make the details appear effectively.


A villa model is the most accurate option to provide a realistic view of both the exterior and interior designs of a villa.


The model of the hotel can show how the elegant and tranquil environment of the building integrates with the landscape. It gives an idea of ​​the extraordinary features and superiority of the hotel.


The tower mock-up, as a modern high-tech product, helps projects to be completed in less time and provide a higher level of detail. 


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