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Architectural Models

Architectural models, which express a physical model of a building or building design reduced to a certain extent, aim to show the outer appearance of the designed building or structure, the details related to the environment and the place of the building in city life to the finest detail. In a sense, it is a 3D visualization of the building that has not yet been built. 

Model architectural designs are usually designed using materials such as wood, plastic or metal and are scaled replicas of structures. Architectural models, which look like a miniaturized version of life when viewed from the front, are especially used by architects in the design process of buildings. In addition, architects experience their functions as well as how the buildings will look, through these architectural city models. How the urban structures will appear in the environment where they are built or how they will be harmonized with the environment is also realized through architectural city models. 

Commercial buildings, cultural projects and industrial models with a high level of complexity are highly detailed architectural models. Because the main goal here is to reveal the other components connected to each part of the structures and the relationship between them. Moreover, possible interconnections and flows become clearer with 3 modeling and it is possible to make the necessary optimizations before the construction phase, thanks to model projects.  

Model City's expert teams provide first-class service to its customers in all major model categories as well as building models that come to mind first such as office, plaza, apartment and school models: Master Plan Models, Workplace Models, Airport Models, Shopping Center Models, Industrial Models. , Environmental Models, White Architectural Models, Wooden Architectural Models, Site Models, School Models, Facade Models, Hospital Models, Villa Models, Mosque Models, Stadium Models, Bridge Models, Sectional Models, Harbor Models, Shipyard Models, 3D Printing Architectural Models, Museum Models, Theme Park Models, Hotel Models and Indoor Models.

Why Architectural Models?

If you want to stimulate all the emotions of your potential customers and the audience in general in the process of exploring buildings and structures that have not yet been built, architectural models offer you the solution you need. Because architectural models are part of a tangible reality that can be interacted beyond imagination, and they also carry the level of curiosity and interest from 2D on paper to 3D reality. Under the umbrella of Model City, we take all kinds of city models from the design on paper and turn them into reality in line with your demands. Let your portfolio in files come to life again in the eyes of your customers!

3D Rendering Services

A 3D render is an image produced as a visual output of a three-dimensional model with the help of a computer program. 3D renders show what a three-dimensional model would look like and are striking examples of their realism. 3D renderings, which are one of the advantages of today's technology in the creation of architectural models, are also frequently used in other areas of design such as design and animation. 3D renders show up front during the design process what a three-dimensional model will look like, making it easy to make changes later in the design. In addition to how the design will look, the functions of that design and the harmony of the building with its surroundings are revealed through 3D renderings. 

The first step towards the success of the architectural project is the vision. Model City aims to bring your design vision to life with 3D digital design and 3D rendering technologies. Visualizations made with 3D rendering positively shape the perspectives of your customers during architectural projects and help you to manage the operational processes much more easily. 3D architectural mock-ups allow you to highlight all the prominent features of your project from different angles and in detail. 

With Model City 3D Render Services, which is a pioneer among architectural model companies; 

  • You can implement the model of the building you will design with a 3D render simulation to be created in the computer environment.
  • You can include much more detail than a traditional mock-up. 
  • You can offer a 360-degree experience to your potential customers. 

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