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World Class Architectural Models

Maketsehir San. tic. Ltd. Sti. It is a company operating in the model industry since 2000. With the mechanization provided by technological opportunities, it has brought the production of perfect models based on hand workmanship to the last point.

We use and develop different techniques and systems to produce unlimited models of all kinds of architectural and industrial products in all sizes and make them ready for display. In the manufacture of architectural and industrial models, laser cutting and 3D Cnc Router machines have replaced handwork. The use of long-lasting model materials that provide the perfection and durability of models such as plastic and its derivatives, polyurethane, polyester, metal, pvc, resin, and the necessity of laser cutting and CNC Router machines used in the processing of these materials have become inevitable.

At the beginning of the path followed to transform the projects into models; comes the professional use of computers and different programs. The first step is to use software such as Autocad, ArtCam, CorelDraw for facade, mold and template drawings required for model manufacturing. After the drawn parts and templates are processed in the right machines with the right material, the assembly process begins. Painting and detailing the created model with unlimited color options is the final stage.

Our factory, which is approximately 200 m2, has Laser cutting machines, 3D CNC Router cutting machines, plastic, wood and metal cutting machines, assembly and assembly factory, paint shop, material warehouse and also stock materials, so we have 0% capacity. 100% production without the need for any external support. A professional and experienced team of computer programmers, architecture, construction technical teachers, restorers, painters, carpenters and draftsmen work in our office.

Maketşehir also produces outdoor models resistant to all weather conditions, which can be exhibited in places such as walking parks and cultural parks, with its experience and facilities of over 20 years. Our company produces models for both domestic and foreign companies. Our company bears the signature of many projects and has produced different models such as site, villa, mosque, church, chapel, stadium, airport, factory, special design furniture. In addition, our company produces historical artifacts that require special techniques and materials in colors and fabrics suitable for the original.

Maketşehir maintains the principles of reasonable price, customer satisfaction and timely delivery with a professional understanding without compromising on quality and aesthetics.

  • Master Planning Models
  • Office Building Models
  • Airport Models
  • Hotel Models
  • Stadium Models
  • Mall Models
  • Indoor Models
  • Villa Models
  • Museum Models
  • Theme Park Models
  • Landscape Models
  • Industrial Models
  • Bridge Models
  • Shipyard Models
  • Port Models
  • Mosque Models
  • Residential Building Models
  • School Models
  • Facade Models
  • Section Models
  • Hospital Models
  • White Architecture Models
  • Wooden Architecture Models
  • 3D Printed Architectural Models